Resizing Your Watch Band (Remove Kit) | Video + Instruction Guide

This guide applies to products (ASIN):B07WCC2M8W; B07W725KYL

We have included with your order the necessary link removal tool to fully customize the length of your strap. If you need assistance in customizing your strap length, Check out the instructional video below for a step by step breakdown of how to remove links from and resize your metal band correctly.




Removing Links:
Step 1: The metal watch band has arrows indicating the direction in which the pin is to be pushed outward. Do not go against this.

Step 2: Make sure your watch band is level on the elasticity platform and the pin you want to remove is lined up with the needle, with the arrows pointing towards the slit and away from the needle.

Step 3: Turn the side wheel clockwise to move the needle into the link pin hole. Continue turning the side wheel into the pin hole until the needle is pushed all the way in. On the other side, the pin should be sticking slightly out through the slit.

Step 4: Turn the side wheel counterclockwise to remove the needle from the link hole.

Step 5: Once the pin is pushed out of the side of the link, pick up the link bracelet and pull the pin out with your fingers.

Step 6: With the pin removed, the links will now no longer be attached. Repeat steps 2 through 5 to remove as many links as needed to achieve your desired watch band length.

Attaching Links:

Step 1: To reattach the links in your metal band back together, line up the link sections so that they fit into each other. With your fingers, insert the pin into the pin hole, in the opposite direction of which the arrow is pointing until you cannot push it in further.

Step 2: With the pin in the pinhole, lay your watch band level on the round platform of the pin removal tool with the arrows pointing towards the needle. Line the needle up with the end of the pin.

Step 3: Slowly turn the side wheel clockwise to move the needle into the pin until the pin is pushed all the way back into the link pin hole. The head of the pin should be flush with the side of the watch band when complete.


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  • George Nash on

    My watchband feels great and looks good. Seems to be high quality, and it wasn’t too difficult to remove a couple of links for a perfect fit.

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